Leslie Nagel


La scelta di Leslie è nata da una da attenta osservazione delle sue opere che ci sono sembrate adatte a descrivere la commistione che Codex cerca in questa edizione: arte e tecnica, interiorità/esteriorità, materia/energia.

L’originalità che può nascere dall’incontro dell’arte di Leslie con uno scenario come quello barocco delle nostre location è quello che il comitato organizzativo di Codex vuole offrire ai suoi fruitori.


„My sculptures squeak, grind, tap, shock and crack.

The squeak of styrofoam can give anyone goosebumps. Foil can pleasantly crackle. It releases energy able to af- fect inner movements and impulses. Such energy drives me to make things. I gather materials around me like; plastic, fabric, rope, polystyrene because I’m interested in how they react to my manipulation of them. I keep the material in motion and often use motors that let it swing, sway end tremble. With this collection I make my sculp- tures. I use events from my everyday life to lead me, to give me an idea where I’m heading for. The combination of research of material possibilities together with my per- sonal experiences are the preconditions to create work that is satisfying for me.

I am excited to work in a new environment in Sicily and in the setting of the Codex Festival. This will challenge my inventiveness and creativity. Architectural forms are important for my work. I make often site-specific installa- tions, it is my intention to do this also at the Codex Festival. My installation will interact with the space around it. To participate in a group-exhibition is an added value for me, to be able to ex- change with other artists. To create in collaboration new installations on the location. Especially with Aura Rendon Benger, with whom I shared a an atelier. I would like to interact with Aura’s work Encouter with my structures of iron thread intertwined with fab- rics and vibrating motors and constructions with bamboo sticks witch grow in the surroundings of Noto. We will create a dialog between our works.

Codex Noto Festival: “The city of Noto, tourist reference in Sicily for years, may lend itself more and more to become a cultural center. The choice of Codex, always based on a mixing of codes and artistic languages has decided for its fourth year edition to involve artists who express themselves to this interaction from all over Europe.

The choice of Leslie was born from a careful observation of her works that seemed suitable to describe the mixing that Codex seeks in this edition: art and technology, inner/outer, matter/energy.
The uniqueness that can be driven by the art of Leslie with a scenario like the baroque of Noto is what Codex organizing committee wishes to offer to its viewers.”