Dj TY1

Dj Ty1, sicuramente uno dei più talentuosi Dj Italiani da sempre alla ricerca di codici espressivi originali e contemporanei.

Inizia la sua carriera negli anni 90, scratch e hip hop sono state le sue prime attrazioni. Primo all’ITF nel 97 si affilia ad Alien Army pionieri di Turntablism in Italia.

Nel 2007 esce il suo primo album Photographie, nel 2010 vince il premio Insound come miglior diskjockey.

Nel 2011 partecipa al progetto Gli Originali, un riuscitissimo esperimento tra Franco Micalizzi e la sua band da un altro ed Mc Italiani e Dj dall’altra.

Ad oggi dj di due massimi esponenti della scena musicale Italiana, i due rapper Marrakesh e Clementino.

“Hardship”è il suo ultimo lavoro uscito nel 2016


TY1 aka Tayone, born Gianluca Cranco – class 1979 – is the most famous and talented DJ in the Italian Hip-Hop scene. He started his career in 1992 approaching dance and hip hop music, with a special focus on the scratch art.

In 1997 TY1 became Italian ITF champion and joined the historical Italian turntablist crew Alien Army. Since 1998 TY1 attended several contests and tours and worked together with many great musicians.
In 2010 TY1 won the Insound Best DJ award.
Right after he became tutor for Rane America and endorser for Serato Scratch Live, thanks to his unique way in mixing and scratching.
On 31st of October 2013 TY1 released his new hit single “Gunboy (Trinity Remix)” feat. Pat Cosmo out on Digital Bros Music.
DJ and producer behind the main Italian Hip Hop artists, TY1 has now kicked off a new artistic cycle moving towards electronic and pop sonority: his last productions sound incredibly engaging and mature – an eclectic pop with an electronic streak.
On June 2015 TY1 released in free download “What is a DJ” anticipating the upcoming “Hardship” album, to be released on January 2016. The album will mark the evolution of TY1 from the stereotyped DJ/Producer role to a new artistic phase as a whole-grown artist.
Hardship is a hard-sounding electro-pop body of work that boasts the collaboration of various famous international guest-artists.