Aura Rendón Benger

Altra artista europea in attività dal 2012 la scelta di Aura ha come scopo quello di mettere in evidenza una frattura tra Codici. Dalle opere di Aura, che mettono al centro il corpo, la persona, ci è sembrato efficace mettere insieme le due diverse concezioni del rapporto corpo ambiente. I metodi di Aura installati in una location come quella di Noto, dove, per cultura e costumi la concezione uomo ambiente è percepita in maniera diversa.

Aura; “I consider it important to create tension and emo- tions between the audience, my work and sometimes my- self as a performer; therefore my ideas find their climax in performative and interactive installations, spurring that immediate and ephemeral exchange between my creation and the audience. I often confront the viewer in the most natural way – by using the body as a container of sculptural energy and with the visitors’ child-like joy and sensual experience of nudging and bumping their way through the exhibition space. A memory is transformed into a physical experience.“

In matters of my personal development, I am very in- terested to work with other artist together, to get in ex- change and to react on each others work. I am always appealed to have the possibilities to show works of mine in new settings.

Especially because my works consistently connect and interact with the space around them. The architecture plays a big role in most of my work and a lot of decision I base on it, given that it also forms my installations. I like the challenge of adjusting to new spaces and environments – to find ways to still bring an surrounding experience to the audience, In the Codex Festival in particular. I would like to take on the work „Encounter“,

I showed last autumn in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. The or- ganic and feminin shapes will perform in a new, more dynamic way. In close, cooperative work with Leslie Nagel, who works mainly with kinetic sculpture.

We want to create an encounter between our sculptures, by letting them interact, touch and react on each other. This in- terplay of our sculpture will take place in a Bamboo structure which will become also the bridge to the architecture around it.

In summery, this opportunity to exhibit at the Codex Festival, would be a great way to enhance my artis- tic work and to create a platform, on which new things can happen and grow. It will be a culture exchange as much as an occupational one. New relationships will be established and my artistic network will im- prove and grow.

Codex Festival Staff : Her choice aims to highlight a rift between codes. the works of Aura, that depict the body, the person, seem effective to combine the two different views of the relationship between body and environment. The Aura methods installed in a location like the city of Noto, where the conception of hu- man culture and customs environment is perceived differently.”